At Reservoir Dogs we: •	Comply with all applicable safety, health and environmental laws and regulations •	Identify, assess and control hazards •	Manage risk to a level As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) •	Comply 100% with the Client’s HSE plans •	Provide QHSE management plan guidelines specifically covering the duties of a Wellsite Geologist.   The HSE Management System utilised by Reservoir Dogs is organised under a simple Framework: 1.	Planning 2.	Hazard and Risk Management 3.	Implementation and Monitoring 4.	Audit and Review  The Reservoir Dogs QHSE Management Plan is our key differentiator in the market place.  The plan goes further than just tracking HSE statistics.  The plan incorporates procedures undertaken at the Wellsite that provides for a safe work environment and has the ability to identify potential deficiencies at the earliest stage of the project.  Our plan incorporates procedures that address both process and personal safety issues at the Wellsite.
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